Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More than just lunch

Yesterday I took one of the little neighbor boys to lunch. 
He has been living here for the Summer and I promised him that before he had to go back to school we would go for lunch to his favorite place-McDonalds :)
We were sitting at our table eating when I noticed a couple looking around for a place to sit- Because it was busy there were no available tables so I offered for them to join us.
We began to chat and soon I found out that they were missionaries serving in China!  What a delight it was to find out they were my brother and sister in the Lord!!!!
We had a wonderful time sharing with eachother about the ministries we work with and how God called us to the mission field.   I was so encouraged by their testimony!
They had a flight to catch so they couldn't stay long but before they left I felt the Lord leading me to pray for their safety and for their ministry in China.  So there we sat in the middle of the noisy crowded McDonalds and prayed together.  It was such a cool experience!  
God is so good!