Thursday, May 3, 2012

And then there were the roosters ;)

I heard the first rooster at 3:42am...I just smiled and rolled over.  It didn't bother me a bit because that sound made it definite that I am seriously here at last!!!!!!!

I boarded my last flight from Manila to Caticlan at 3:30pm.  It is the most beautiful flight! You look down and all you see is ocean and islands :)

Carla and Ellen (Teachers at the Agape school) were there to meet me when I landed.  My luggage had been sent by cargo and it was there waiting for me (such an answer to prayer as there had been some complications with my flights and there was a pretty good chance it had not been put on the flight from San Francisco..God is good!).
From the airport we took a Tricycle to the docks and then a Bonka boat on to Boracay.

I am staying in the Jungle Barn for the next month or so...just until the apartment opens up that I will be sharing with two other girls.

I made myself unpack before I dropped into bed- The jet-lag hit me just alittle bit last night :)

My job assignment for the next couple days it to "rest and recuperate"....Something that does not come easy to me.  Now that I am here I am ready to go!!!!  :)

I just want to say that God is so faithful and the trip here was amazing!  Even though I ran up against a few problems God gave me such a peace and each time everything worked out perfectly!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!

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