Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy week!

Wow! It has been such an awesome week!!! I'm not sure where to start! :)

On Tuesday I moved into the house that I will be sharing with two other American teachers....yaay! It was so exciting to get moved in and to finally feel like I am getting settled :) I will post pictures of the house soon so you can get an idea of where I am living.

On Thursday evening we welcomed a team of thirteen from Perth Australia.
They had been ministering in Manila and Isabella during the beginning of the week and finished up their trip here on Boracay.  Not only did they have really cool accents ;) But also compassionate hearts and lots of love to pour out to the people here.

On Friday we went to Panay and worked on the school.  We plastered walls and sifted cement for most of the morning.  The saying+ "Many hands makes light work" is very true!!!  (I managed to get most of the cement on myself, the ground or the people around me lol ;) )
In the afternoon we took them to Cold Springs which is a fresh water swimming area about 45 minutes outside of Caticlan.  It was very pretty and very refreshing! Just what we all needed after a hot morning of work!  Then we headed back to Carla in time to participate in the feeding site.

I met the most precious baby girl at the Carla feeding site!!! Her name is Amy and she is just 12 weeks old.  Her mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her.   She is the most beautiful little bundle I have ever seen!  I cuddled her for as long as I could! At the moment her extended family is looking after her.  When you think of it pray for Amy and her two year old brother Jared.

Sunday evening we bid farewell to our Australian friends.  It was so amazing to fellowship with them and to get to know each of them.  They really blessed us and it was sad see them go so soon!  ( If any of the Aussies are reading this- a huge thank you to everyone and we can't wait to have you back!)

My biggest prayer request right now is that I will become accustomed to the heat!  I do love the hot weather but it has been extremely muggy the past few days and I have felt a little challenged :)

I have had several people asking me for my address here in the Philippines and I finally have one!

 Olivia Bauman c/o Agape Boracay Academy Inc., sitio Ambulong, Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan, 5608

Love to all!

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  1. Hi Liv. Suggest adding "Philippines" to that address