Sunday, October 21, 2012

They are hereeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday morning I flew out bright and early to Manila.....Anneke and Alyssa's flight was not coming in until 9 pm but I had a little shopping I wanted to do before they arrived.  Traveling to Manila includes- a trike ride, a boat ride, a two hour bus ride and a one hour plane ride.  It is always an adventure :)

Manila feels alot like cities in America...except usually you are the only white person in sight and everyone is staring at you haha :)
It was exciting to walk around the mall and to enjoy an American meal :)

At 8:30pm Dan and Tori's driver, Adore, and I headed to the airport...I was so excited I could barely sit still. I felt like I was ten years old and I was getting to go to the county fair for the first time lol! ;)
It still didn't seem real to me that I was actually going to be seeing Anneke and Alyssa in less than an hour!
Adore dropped me off at the front of the airport and I raced inside....I stood next to the glass window and reminded myself to breath....I went over and double checked at the information desk that I was at the right terminal and gate.....I paced back and forth chewing my nails furiously. Suddenly people began to pour out of the stairwell...My heart was pounding.  Five minutes passed, then ten..still no sign of them.  I went back to the information desk...The woman told me to be patient.  Just as I was beginning to get nervous I saw them come around the corner....It was so shocking, there they were!  I pushed and shoved my way through the crowd leaving my manners far behind me as I fought my way to the entrance of the gate. I ran right past the security guard and into the "secured" part of the airport....He was not pleased. We hugged and and jumped up and down and smiled ...It was a beautiful moment :) And then it hit me that this was for real!!! They were really here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This is a reenactment of when I first saw them :)
 So so so happy :)
 It has been almost six months since I have seen my family :)

We are thrilled to be together again and are looking forward to the next three weeks :)
Love to all back home!!!!! :)

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