Monday, November 5, 2012

Anneke and Alyssa's visit

The past two weeks have flown by!  It has been so amazing having Anneke and Alyssa here!  They have been such a blessing to me!!  Here are just a few pictures to show what we have been up to!  There are lots more to come too! :)
 Alyssa and Anneke leading songs at the Malabanoot feeding site.  The children were so excited to see them and enjoyed the new songs they taught them :)
 They brought a flannel graph board to use for the stories.  It was something we have never had at the feeding sites before so it really captured the kids attention.
 The coloring sheets are always a big hit with the kids :)
One of the biggest things we challenge people to do is just love the kids.  So many of them just want to hold your hand or sit on your lap and receive some much needed attention...Here is Alyssa doing just that :)
 Besides doing the ministry work we have also enjoyed some bonding time :)  I am going to miss them both so much when they leave!!!

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