Friday, June 29, 2012

God is good all the time

There have been several nights that I have tried to get an update written and posted, but I have been so tired I end up drifting off to sleep :) Tonight I am determined to finish this post :)

Today marks the end of our second week of school!  It has been a challenging and exciting two weeks!  I teach Kinder Two from 8am to 11am and then lead club time for the first and second graders from 11am to 11:30am.  
We have sixteen beautiful boys and girls in our class.  I am so thankful for my teaching partner!  I don't think I would have been able to handle all of those children alone :) 
Most of the children speak English-some are more fluent then others. We teach in English so the kids have no choice when they are in the classroom (which is a huge bonus for me!)

My favorite part of our school is that we teach the children about the love of Jesus every single day! These kids have the opportunity to hear about God on a regular basis!  I am so blessed to have the chance to plant seeds into the lives of these children!

 This is during Chapel hour at school this morning.
We actually have three different teams here right now!  It is amazing how God is bringing more and more people to continue the work here!  One of the teams brought puppets and did the presentation this morning.  As you can tell from the kids faces they were LOVING it :)
 This is Christy-  She has been such a God send!  She is here for three weeks and is a teacher back in CA.  She has been working with Ronel and I in our classroom and I don't know where we would be without her!  She has so many wonderful ideas and has already helped us to improve our classroom so much!  We will certainly miss her when she returns home!
The noise and excitement drew a small crowd outside the school :)

 This is inside our classroom.  Christy and Ronel pictured with the children
I wanted to end with this photo....This is one of my students, Adam.  This picture speaks volumes.  It totally sums up why I am here.  I have to admit I really have been struggling the past couple weeks.  I am so far outside my comfort zone it's not even funny!  But today when I looked over and saw him praying so sweetly it was like God just tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Don't get so caught up in everything around you, your only job is to love these children well and to point them to ME."  
I am SO thankful to be here and to have the opportunity to serve these precious kids!

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  1. Is there anything you are in need of for your classroom that we could send you?