Friday, June 8, 2012

Learning to dance in the rain (literally) :)

 Rainy season is upon us.
One day it was unbearably hot and humid and the next it was pouring rain!
It rained almost non-stop for 4 days.  An umbrella is not much of a help when it is really raining here. I love it though! It has brought cool breezes and even cooler temperatures to the Island!

This is the sight that met my eyes when I went to drop my laundry off.  The streets were flooded and so were many of the shops. Halfway there the thought did occur to me that I  could do my laundry another day...but I do enjoy an adventure here and there :)  I carried my laundry on my head as an umbrella and slogged through the flooded streets.
 When I arrived the girls were sitting on the counter to keep dry.  It was so funny!  All I could do was laugh...
And laugh...
And laugh some more :)

I am learning that life is easier when I laugh :)

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