Friday, June 15, 2012

School prep

 Me cutting out bible verses to hang on our classroom walls
 My teaching partner, Ronel
 The front of our classroom
 We went with an aquatic theme :)  Makes sense since we are living on the ocean hah ;)

The past week has been very busy getting our classroom all set up for school to begin on Monday!!!  We have been working so hard and everything is coming together  :)  Tomorrow we just have to finish up lesson planning and we will be all set!
I was feeling so overwhelmed about teaching but my partner is so kind and very willing to teach me as we go :) 

The rain continues :) Unfortunately when it rain the feeding sites are ususally canceled because some of the sites do not have shelters for us to move to when it begins to rain :)  And I have been so busy with the school that I have not participated in as many as I did when I first arrived. 

 I am beginning to get into a routine and life is starting to feel "normal" here (whatever that means)  :)
I am so used to the roosters that I literally don't even hear them anymore (for those of you who were on the missions trip in November-I know this sounds unbelievable hahah)  I am very confident riding every form of transportation now...And have also become an expert spider killer :)

Thank you so much for the e-mails and messages that people have been sending me!! You have no idea how it brightens my day when I hear from you!!!! 

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