Thursday, August 9, 2012

Introducing my students to You :)

Never a dull moment when this little guy is around...John Rex is my happy hyper 5 year old :) He has enough energy to make me jealous (And I have ALOT of energy haha) He LOVES to sing...He easily drowns out the other sixteen children when it comes time to sing :) Usually he has his eyes tightly shut and his head thrown back as he belts out 'Jesus loves me', 'This is the day' etc.

Tell me this little face doesn't have mischievous written all over it :)
Divine is 4 and so incredibly cute that when she is naughty I have such a hard time punishing her :) Her Father (Bong) is the Chief Engineer for building the school and her Mother (Jing) is a second grade teacher at the school.

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