Monday, August 6, 2012


As we give God praise for His good work and the family
of God from around the world, a recent medical team came to minister
to hundreds of people on Boracay and to the Ati tribal people on Panay.
God contiues to pour out His blessings as He provides
a huge ministry task on Boracay and Panay. We are always so blessed
with those who have encouraged us and the ministry
here with prayers and gifts. A grateful melody rings from our lips each
day, because of the family of God around the world who care.

- Dan & Tori Beaver


Because of the poverty here, many people can not afford healthcare.
Many sicknesses go untreated; some even die from lack of medical care.
In fact, a cousin to a little boy in our school died just last week
from a sickness because family was not able to take him to Manila for treatment.
The hospital and clinics on this island are very simple. Major medical
problems are sent to a nearby island or Manila, a one hour plane ride away.
If you do have a loved one in the hospital here, there is no
nursing care….you are their nurse, the provider of their food, and care taker while
there. This is difficult for single mothers with other children at home.
So many medical issues go untreated.
But we serve an awesome God.
He knows exactly what we have need of before we even pray for it.

Recently, we were blessed to have a Nigerian-American team of Doctors
and nurses come here to do a free medical clinic for the people.
They did physicals and eye exams, then handed out free medicine,
vitamins and eye glasses. The people were so grateful!
About 200 people showed up at the clinic in the northern part of Boracay
and another 100 at the clinic we held for the Ati village on the nearby island.

The Ati are the native tribal people who live in the mountains, mostly
secluded from the other Filipinos. Many elders were coming out to receive the
medical care they have not had for years. High blood pressure and ulcers were some
major problems. We discovered one woman with a cyst or tumor in her breast that
could be cancerous. The poor lady had waited so long to get it checked,
we pray it’s not to late. She’s a single mother of five, with one child being deaf.
Her fear is dying without anyone to care for her children, so she never got it checked.
Prayerfully we can get her the medical treatment she needs.

So much physical sickness, but also emotional and spiritual sickness.
Praise God, besides the medical treatment, we prayed with every individual
person who came through the clinic.
God was really moving in the hearts of the people!
Hallelujah! The Holy Spirit touched so many; healing from the inside out!

Lord, continue to move in the hearts of the people from the clinics.
Wash them from the inside out with your blood, grace, and mercy.
Let them bathe in your presence
and soak in your healing, in Jesus name. Amen.

*Article written by Julie Immer. We thank God for Julie's love and
encouragement for the Filipino and Ati people.
If you would like to help with some of the continued medical needs
of the Filipinos we are reaching, your gifts would be
very much a blessing to these people. You can mark your gifts for the
medical needs of the Boracay and Panay ministry.

Send gifts to -
First Love International - Boracay Ministry
PO Box 15836
Loves Park, IL 61132 USA
(815) 229-3065

Dan & Tori Beaver

Missionaries to Boracay & Panay Islands
First Love International

I just wanted to share Dan and Tori's latest newsletter with all of you :)

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