Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preaching to the Choir

The other day I was thinking about how many "bends" there are in my life that I would love to see around the corner of....just to know "how it's going to turn out." I admit it, I'm human. ;) I'm sure at one point or other in our lives we have all been at this same point.
I snapped this picture the other day while I was walking home from school. What I love the best about it is the brilliant light coming from "around the bend." It is so easy for me to get caught up in thinking that I have the best plan for my life and that I know what is best for me. I think God probably sits up there and chuckles at me. Because the truth is only God knows what is best for us. Only HE knows exactly what we need. Only HE knows the true desires of our hearts. Only HE loves us enough to say no to us and to sometimes allow us to walk in darkness in order to produce faith and hope in our lives. That was the conclusion I came to- If I always knew what was coming next in my life I would have no need for faith. God is teaching me about patience, and waiting for HIS timing, and also teaching me that HIS ways are the best ways. Even when it seems nothing is going the way YOU had planned, always remember that God sees the bigger picture, and through everything He has your best interest at heart!!! Isn't that incredible to think about! God only wants us to have what He knows is best for us!
Since moving to the Philippines I have learned alot about releasing things--dreams I've had, desires I've had. God is showing me that when I release all of the dreams that I have had to Him, and truly abandon my heart and soul to the one who loves me dearest, He begins to place HIS desires and dreams that HE has for me into my heart. What an awesome God. I am humbled and amazed that the God of the universe cares so deeply for me.
Whatever your "bend in the road" might be, whatever it is you might be struggling or feeling frustrated about because you don't seem to be hearing or seeing an answer for it--rest. Rest in Christ. Rest in the assurance that He is working something in your life that is bigger than what is right in front you. Rest in the knowledge that His love for you is deeper than anyone else's. Rest in the peace that He knows best.

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